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Roller Shades

Child Safe Roller Shades

The Cordless Roller Shades is a child safe window covering product.  Most importantly, its one of the safest shades in the marketplace.  It offers an elegant, clean, classic, and modern look to any apartment unit or home.  As well as in offices, commercial buildings, and condos.  For example when your project specifies the child safe cordless operation this is the right choice.  The Child Safe Roller Shade is the right choice for you.  Get yours today!

Cordless roller shade system

Roller Shades is a great way to control sunlight

Natural sunlight is a beautiful design element in new and remodeled homes.  There is an increase in the number of windows installed in new homes and apartment buildings.  However more windows in a building serves as a purpose! Including lighting and temperature control during winter months.  Managing heat gain and glare reduction is done with interior sun screen fabrics.  Sun screen fabrics effectively provide energy efficient solutions by reducing the temperature coming through windows.  Lighter color fabrics like white, white lines and fawn reflect the sun’s rays.  But they provide just enough interior illumination.  Certainly darker fabrics like black and bronze absorbs light and provides a better view to the outside world.

Black Roller Shades side by side blackout in living room

Energy Conserving Roller Shades

Many studies measure energy efficiency in window shades.  As a result, the studies simulate real-life situations which demonstrates the effectiveness of sun screen fabrics. The conclusion is that sun screen fabrics offer cost-effective temperature control, while providing use of natural light and all while achieving a reduction in energy usage.

Sun Screen Fabrics

Above all, sun screen fabrics are designed to filter natural light.  These materials effectively reduce heat absorption.  For instance they also prevent heat and cold loss.  Best of all Sun Screen will reduce the amount of glare on computer monitors!  Consequently the fabric minimizes worker fatigue and eyestrain. Most sun screen fabrics are low maintenance and washable.  In addition, they are bacteria resistant and fire retardant!  Therefore, its makes them the best solution for many facilities!  Including, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, residential, retirement homes, and commercial applications!

Solar Screen Shades Swatches


Valance:  Standard product does not include fascia.  See additional option to add a fascia valance to your order.

Roller Shades offer an elegant, clean, classic, and fashionable look to any office, commercial building, houses, and even apartment units. You can control sunlight, give yourself UV protection, and maintain a wonderful outside view from your window with the many choices of fabrics in our sun screen roller shade line available in 5%, 3%, and 1% openings. Sun Shades on a roller tube also offer heat protection and for times when ultimate light privacy is needed, room darkening blackout options are available.

The products control options include the standard beaded chain operation that allows you to precisely raise and lower your shade to the place where you want it to go and for ultimate customization, motorized and battery operated roller shades are also available. All roller shades also come with the option of cassettes, fascias, corners, and valances to cover the top roller and give your shade a complete and full look.

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Blackout Fabric Roller Shades