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Window screens aka bug screens or fly screens are designed to cover the opening of a window.  Window and doors screens keep insects, birds, and other pests from entering a dwelling.  Also, they allow fresh air-flow to enter in the house.  Most houses have screens on the window to prevent the entry of flying insects such as disease carrying mosquitoes, flies and wasps.

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Mosquitoes Reach Inside Your Home

Now what happens if mosquitoes reach the inside of your home? How would you prevent pesky vermin from infiltrating a safe place? You stop them from ever entering! Check your windows, doors, and screens. It is possible that the mosquitoes entered through a broken window or door screen.  A hole of 0.3 to 2 cm in diameter is big enough for a common mosquito to fly into! It would be a good idea to fix any possible entry points that the insects could enter.

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With the invention of the window or fly screen in the mid 1800s mosquitoes and other insects have been less likely to create havoc and disease in people’s homes. Between 1823 and 1836, when several advertisements of window screens or insect screens appeared, the cases of malaria in the U.S. dropped! Though many other inventions like fans, and air conditioning helped to stop malaria window screens came along earlier.  Bug screens may have been the start of a safer environment free of the dreadful disease known as malaria.

So fix your screened windows, and screen doors now! Mosquitoes can and will enter many homes through broken screens. They will find the nearest prey and infect this victim with the appalling disease known as the Zika virus. Prevent yourself and your family from this treacherous illness by fixing your screens now!

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