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QMotion Automated Shades

QMotion Automated Shades


Having remote control over certain appliances in the house really does make life easier, especially when it comes to things that need constant updating or changing – like a Television set for example.  Shades and Window Coverings are things that can require such attention too based on the time of day, temperature, weather and need for privacy. Some think of this convenience as being lazy or of people that don’t want to get up from the couch to do anything but there are lots of other reasons why it can serve a great purpose. House care, children, work – these are just a few things that keep us busy while at home. Wouldn’t it be great to able to adjust multiple shades throughout the house at once, while busy, and from a distance? The technology for such a thing is here! Paul Heisig, South West Territory Manager for Q-Motion Advanced Shading Systems explains, “More and more people prefer having automation in their homes. We used to have to get up to change the channel on our TV sets. Nowadays, you can push a button to start your car as you walk up to it. There’s a convenience factor there.” Paul further states, “Home automation is in the beginning stages of moving from being a convenience that belongs only to the very wealthy to something that the middle class can afford. Appliances are moving over to automation, everything from lighting to heating, and it’s now possible to tie it all in to one system of control which operates even when they are away from home.” Remote Technology Advancements Q-Motion Roller Shades for example, can be controlled through your iPad, iPhone and Android devices! An application downloaded to your device allows you to connect with the Q-Motion QSync control unit (both pictur

ed below) which will transform your phone or tablet into a remote operating transmitter for its Roller Shades.

QSync Application QSync Control Unit


With the QSync application, you can raise and lower your Roller Shades with the touch of your finger! The application also allows you to control up to 500 Roller Shades, although who has 500 Shades in a house that need to be controlled, but you get the point! The application also allows you to use names and pictures to identify individual windows or groups. Also according to Paul Heisig, QSync is an inexpensive home automation feature.

Control your big pad’s shades from your little Ipad or smartphone.  Add Qsync to your home or office network. Download the QMotion® app.  And let the coolness begin.  More and more, our smartphones and tablets have become the command center of our daily lives. So it’s only natural that they should be able to control our QMotion shades, too.  Wireless Qsync technology and our iOS/Android apps combine to make raising and lowering your QMotion shades easier than sending a text message

Remote Timer

A Remote Timer is another technological advancement offered by Q-Motion. Thanks to this device, you no longer need to be present at your home in order to operate your Shades! This Timer also has an amazing automatic Sunrise and Sunset setting that loads by simply entering in your zip code. You can also customize your programming with up to 6 different events, anytime throughout the day. Also by utilizing a Remote Timer, you can give the appearance that someone is home when you are actually away. Pretty nice, huh?

Q-Connect all of your Home Automated Systems As you program your Roller Shades you can also tie together all of your Home Automated systems by syncing them through QConnect. Compatible with most interfaces, QConnect has a radio transmit range of 50 to 150 feet, allowing for great flexibility. Manual Override option for when YOU want to be in control

For the instances where you do not wish to control your Roller Shades via remote control, QMotion offers a unique Hembar Activator which activates the motor with a simple tug of the bottom of the bottom bar, causing the shade to gracefully glide to an open or preset position.

The unique manual override can easily be performed by pulling the hem bar.  This feature is exclusive to QMotion. “If you pull on our shade, it won’t hurt the motor and it will allow you to adjust it. It’s specifically designed to be used manually. We are the only company that makes a motorized shade with that feature,” states Paul Heisig. Other Great Features 9/16” Light Gap is the tightest in the Roller Shade industry D-Batteries are very easy to replace and last up to 5 years Low Voltage Option available

QBasic Non-Motorized Shades available QFree Child Safe Option available for Non-Motorized Shades Fashionable Fascia’s available in White, Sand, Silver, Bronze, Black or Fabric Wrapped to match your Shade You can fit your house or home today with QMotion Roller Shades by contacting JT Blinds at 800-732-6162, or via email at
Qadvanced Roller

Introducing the World’s Narrowest Battery Operated Shades. The smallest roller shade of its kind has arrived.

The new design of Qadvanced QMotion Adavanced Shading Systems delivers a more simple and sophisticated automated shade that offers both ease of use and dependibility. Choose from shades in a wide range of colors and styles, with a bevy of options. All automated roller shades can be controled via remote, smart phone or tablet, or with our exclusive manual override feature.
Product Information:

Industry leading small side gaps 1/2″
Battery life expectancy 3 to 5 years or more
Easy battery replacement
Low voltage wire can accomodate left or right side connection
Shade fabric may be detached from tube without lowering the shade from the brackets
Battery shades use standard alkaline D cell batteries
Narrow Shades

Sizes from 15.5″ to 22″ wide by 96″ tall (15 5/8 for an inside mount)
Uses three AA batteries – ships with alkaline batteries. May use lithium batteries for longer battery life.
Battery life expectancy 1 to 1 1/2 years or more.  Battery life 2 years or more with lithium battery.
As an added convenience to our customers, QMotion supplies and places the batteries inside the tube, which ultimately saves time for installations and the added cost of batteries.

QMotion cannot guarantee the shelf life of the batteries and individual battery life is dependent on many factors.
Green Friendly & Wallet Conscious

An energy efficient shade is one which does not consume much electricity when running, and may also help manage power consumption in a space, as well. QMotion shades are among the least “energy thirsty”, and our light filtering materials can help a space to be well lit while moderating the effects of the sun and giving privacy.

QMotion’s shades are developed with the environment in mind. Not only are many of our shade fabrics certified with various green certifications, our automated window shades can also help reduce your home energy consumption, which can lower your power bills.

Depending on the choices of fabrics, you can select some which have various “green” certifications. Additionally, QMotion practices efficient manufacturing to minimize the ecologically adverse impact.

When using battery powered QMotion shades the batteries are Alkaline style, which the EPA has determined are safe enough to be disposed of with other household trash.  In addition to our mechanisms, QMotion uses Alkaline batteries, when customers order battery shades, which are considered safe household waste. Here is a government document describing disposal.As for the fabrics, many of ours are Greenguard Certified, and others are PVC free or Oeko-tex 100 certified.

QMotion’s sophisticated technology, simplicity of installation and operation, clean lines and modern finishes, and unexpected affordability allow you to manage natural and man-made light with exquisite ease – at the touch of a button, with a gentle tug of your hand, with your smartphone or tablet, or even remotely from the far side of the world.

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems are sought after by professionals for innovative technologies and fabrics, detailed literature, and drawing specifications that make planning and installation simple.  Full project management and technical support services are a cornerstone of our companies product programs.

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems solves natural lighting problems in food service spaces.

With the convenience of ultra-silent operation, and remote control function, QMotion shades may be raised or lowered with ease, without the need to disturb diners.  With the unique addition of manual override, shades may also be raised or lowered individually, providing a

customized experience.
Hospitality & Property Management

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems help create a balance between comfort and function for rentals & hotel guests, staff and owners of new or remodeled properties. The unique QMotion manual override feature is a natural for hospitality installations where guests may interact with shades directly, and not cause damage when trying to move them.
Office Buildings

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems are automated for modern convenience, while also offering manual control for individualized light management. Dual shade solutions allow both light filtering as well as room darkening shades to be installed in small spaces, enabling one-touch transformation from meeting space to media room. Using our Qconnect system, QMotion shades may be managed by popular building automation systems.

QMotion Advanced Shading Systems are ultra-silent, unobtrusive and durable – an ideal fit for academic settings. They reduce glare and external distraction, and can be operated manually, individually or in groups via remote control, or as part of a building-wide automated system.

Whether in patient rooms or common spaces, nearsilent shade control with the push of a button has obvious benefits in the healthcare environment.  QMotion shades may be managed individually, via facility management systems, or by simple astronomical

timer controls. A wide assortment of Greenguard and antimicrobial fabrics are available.
Retail Design

Silent and hands-free QMotion shades can provide an atmosphere that increases brand visibility and enhances the retail experience, while also helping reduce heat, glare and energy cost.  Solar screen graphics can incorporate logos, promotional or advertising messages, or simply serve as a recurring design element that sets a tone and enhances buyer comfort.

QMotion shading systems are developed for simplicity, superior function and aesthetic elegance. QMotion has focused on developing automated window coverings that move quietly, more efficiently, and havebatteries that last years longer than others.
• Low voltage 1-way or hardwired with ZigBee HA1.2 2-way communications.
• Easy to program.
• With battery operated shades, simple installation – no wires.
• Whisper quiet motors.
• Industry leading 1/2” light gaps.
• Evenly distributed on both sides.
• Side channels & sill angles optionally available.
• Patented manual override system.
• Patented counterbalance system.
• Integrated Safety Stop.
QMotion Qadvanced motorized roller shades are available in battery or wired configurations. Battery operated shades have 3 communication options to choose from:
• our Gen 2 proprietary protocol, 1-way communication.
• our new Gen 3 proprietary protocol, 1-way communication.
• Qadvanced with ZigBee HA1.2 (Home Automation v 1.2) specification for 2-way communications.
Qadvanced wired options now include:
• Low voltage using 22AWG/24V wires with either Gen 2 or Gen 3 proprietary protocol, 1-way communication.
• Qadvanced Intelligent System (QIS) hardwired, uses standard Cat5e or Cat6 cable for both power and communications. QIS shades may be used with our wired wall switches and/or wireless remote controls using the ZigBee HA1.2 specification.
Manual roller shades are available in two The QMotion Difference A-1 configurations:
• Qfree shades are indentical in appearence to motorized shades, safe by design as they are free of external cords and wires.
• Qbasic are a clutch type of manual shade with nickel plated chain. The easy pull gear reduction clutch allows for a smooth operation requiring low force to lower or raise the shade.
Through its patented design, QMotion offers the largest size of long-lasting battery-operated shades in the market. QMotion is also the only automated window treatment company that offers a patented manual override feature, allowing shading products to be operated by hand, remote, or a smart device. Our automated roller shades are designed with a built-in safety stop braking system so they do not pass over the top when rising. This protects the motorized shade as well as walls and windows. Made “safe by design,” QMotion is an industry leader in safety standards as all of the Qadvanced motorized roller shades and Qfree manual shades are cord free, making them safe for small children and pets. As well, silence is among the greatest of QMotion’s strengths – highlighted by “whisper quiet” design.
Design and decorative options abound in each motorized and non-motorized shade collection. Window coverings are offered in a wide range of functional fabrics and stylish colors as well
as a full line of eco-friendly fabrics.