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Saint Ferdinand’s School in San Fernando Valley

Saint Ferdinand School was established in September 1929 under the Sisters of Divine Providence. The school had eight classrooms on the first floor and the church held masses on the second floor.

The  growing population of the San Fernando Valley resulted in the expansion of the school facility. In 1952 the school was expanded with eight more classrooms, restrooms and an office.During this time, the Sisters of Divine Providence dropped out from the school, and were replaced with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Carondelet.

In 1960 the city was able to attain the property of the original site of the school. The school began construction immediately. Eight new class rooms were built, air-conditioned plant that including new office spaces, nurses office, new faculty room, storage closets and a passage that linked both the east and west campuses. The expansion of the school was completed in 1961.

On January 17, 1994, Southern California experienced a devastating earthquake with the epicenter being in the San Fernando Valley. Both school buildings took little damage. The church building on the other hand was extremely damaged and was unable to be used until it was restored on Easter Sunday of 1995.

The school continues to offer a sturdy educational system that also incorporates the Gospel of Christ and in the traditions of the Church.