Types of Blinds

Fauxwood Blinds

Cordless Fauxwood Blinds Child Safe First of all, our 2” Cordless Horizontal Faux Wood Blinds are designed with a cordless lift […]

EZ Glide Vertical Blinds

EZ Glide Vertical Blinds SMOOTH OPERATING VERTICAL BLIND – GLIDES EASILY If you’re looking for an “EZ” Solution for window coverings […]

Wood Blinds

2″ & 2 1/2″ Premium Wood Blinds WOOD BLINDS – BRINGING NATURAL ELEMENTS INTO THE HOME When you want high-end quality […]

Window Screens


Window screens aka bug screens or fly screens are designed to cover the opening of a window.  Window and doors screens keep insects, birds, and other pests from entering a dwelling.  Also, they allow fresh air-flow to enter in the house.  Most houses have screens on the window to prevent the entry of flying insects such as disease carrying mosquitoes, flies and wasps.


Mosquitoes Reach Inside Your Home

Now what happens if mosquitoes reach the inside of your home? How would you prevent pesky vermin from infiltrating a safe place? You stop them from ever entering! Check your windows, doors, and screens. It is possible that the mosquitoes entered through a broken window or door screen.  A hole of 0.3 to 2 cm in diameter is big enough for a common mosquito to fly into! It would be a good idea to fix any possible entry points that the insects could enter.

With the invention of the window or fly screen in the mid 1800s mosquitoes and other insects have been less likely to create havoc and disease in people’s homes. Between 1823 and 1836, when several advertisements of window screens or insect screens appeared, the cases of malaria in the U.S. dropped! Though many other inventions like fans, and air conditioning helped to stop malaria window screens came along earlier.  Bug screens may have been the start of a safer environment free of the dreadful disease known as malaria.

So fix your screened windows, and screen doors now! Mosquitoes can and will enter many homes through broken screens. They will find the nearest prey and infect this victim with the appalling disease known as the Zika virus. Prevent yourself and your family from this treacherous illness by fixing your screens now!

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Plantation Shutters


When selecting window treatments it is good to know about the one window treatment that increases the home value: plantation shutters. They are custom made to fit each window and are actually considered “window furniture”. They add to the appraisal value of the home.

Plantation Shutters

The simple elegance of rich, plantation shutters gives a lift to any room.  Shutters add the architectural beauty and functionality, while being the wisest window covering investment in the home.  Interior shutters usually hinge on either side of a window opening, and swing inwards to allow access to the window or to allow light to enter a room. Operable louvered shutters have louvers, or slats, that rotate open or closed to control light, visibility and airflow. Shutters that have operable louvers are described using different terms such as traditional shutters, or plantation shutters which typically refers to the size of the louver blade.  Shutter panels and frames can be custom crafted to windows, sliding patio doors, french doors, skylights, closets, and cabinets.


Crafted from renewable North American hardwood, our premium wood shutters add lasting warmth and depth to any space.  An extensive assortment of upgrades and specialty options make it ways to create custom Wood Shutters that are completely unique.  Our custom match color paint or stain program available.  A large variety of frames, louver sizes, and options available.

Plantation Shutters


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JT Blinds & Screens offers vertical blinds, roller shades, window screens and sliding screen doors.

JT Blinds & Screens is a local family owned and operated company in the San Fernando Valley.  Right smack in the middle of Los Angeles County, JT Blinds has been serving home owners and apartments since 2002. We provide a full installation service and repair of blinds, screens, roller shades and screen doors. Our company provides window blinds, roller shades, Somfy motorized roller shades, shutters, window screens, and screen doors.

In the San Fernando Valley, also in the greater Los Angeles area, is where our company started!  Since we started the business we have continued to offer the best level of service!  Today, our manufacturing and assembly facilities are located in Los Angeles, San Fernando, Acton, Las Vegas, and Phoenix!!!

Factory direct online ordering

Purchase stock patio door vertical blinds at our shopping cart today!  Our blinds company is the direct source manufacturer and sub contractor.  JT Blinds & Screens provides apartment vertical blinds to multi family housing communities, property management companies, and general contractors.   A direct manufacturer of vertical blinds and roller shades, we use a selection of top quality components.  This gives you the highest grade of window blinds and roller shade products while produced in a timely manner.

Best Custom Screens

Our screens company Best Custom Screens is a subsidiary of JT Blinds & Screens.  The company specializes in custom sized window screens with all the bells and whistles.  Including custom wicket doors for crank windows, custom sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors, security screen doors, and retractable screen doors.  We’re an excellent outlet for screen doors.  Especially sizes larger than the ones that kept in stock at most big orange and blue stores.  Our screen door orders can be conveniently placed on our shopping cart website.  Screen doors will be shipped out and delivered completely assembled in our own packaging.

Our staff offers over 25 years experience in the industry.  We excel at serving businesses and the local community as we model our business by the very humble Mahatma Gandhi’s quote.   Which says “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Our company

Also, JT Blinds & Screens had the honor of installing vertical blinds at the Genesis House.  Most noteworthy is that it’s a shelter in Pacoima, CA for homeless women and children.  Together with Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, JT Blinds and Screens was able to provide blinds as a donation.  Our company has also been a driving force in having old and unwanted blinds recycled instead of being thrown away.  In efforts to help keep our land and oceans free from pollutants.  It’s our goal to not only be of service to our customers but to our surrounding environment as well.

Our Window Blinds Service

In addition, JT Blinds and Screens window blinds service provides: estimates, consultation, measure, installation and on site repair.  No job is too small or too big!  We  install jobs as little as one blind in a small rental duplex.   Above all installing at large high rise office buildings and massive 4,000 unit apartment communities.  Our Hunter Douglas Certified installers are licensed, insured, & EPA Certified.  With this experience our installers hang window coverings more efficiently and accomplishes many of the challenges encountered at the window.  Call JT Blinds & Screens for a quote as well as service.

Our Window Screen & Screen Door Service

Furthermore, JT Blinds and Screens window screen and screen door service includes; estimates, measures, installation, and re-screens.  Also, our screening products installers offer many years of experience in both screening in a factory and job installations.  Most of all it allows us to excel with on the site with troubleshooting and repairs.  Call for a quote, service, or bring your window screens and screen doors to be re-screened.

Delivery and shipping programs

Delivery and shipping programs are available locally and across the nation.

We offer all types of window coverings

Our product line includes a wide selection of fabrics, materials, colors, patterns, options, and designs.   Products include vertical blinds, faux wood blinds, wood blinds, & mini blinds.  Also, plantation shutters, wood shutters, composite shutters,roller shades, motorized shades, automated shades,  cellular shades, honeycomb shades.  Controls include top down bottom up, cordless operation.  Screening products available are window screens, sliding & swinging hinged screen doors,  sunscreens also known as solar screens.  Extra products include heavy duty exterior roller shades with cassette, and security screen doors.

Therefore, ORDER BLINDS AND SCREENS AT www.blindandscreen.com